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Mental fatigue, natural remedies to address the issue

Mental fatigue, natural remedies to address the issue

Going to bed at the same time every night and getting at least eight hours of rest each night—how many times have you been told that it's only through these good habits that we can experience a profound sense of well-being? We certainly don't want to say that it's not true, because it absolutely is. However, among the causes of mental fatigue, there's not only sleep deprivation. This condition can arise as a result of elevated stress levels and excess of responsibility. Hormonal alterations, drug therapies, improper nutrition, and generally unhealthy habits can also influence it. It's also important to note that we're not talking about normal fatigue; the symptoms can make it difficult to perform daily activities and have a negative impact on psychophysical well-being.

Mental Fatigue, Symptoms to Consider

It's normal to feel tired and drained at certain times in life, but mental fatigue is much more than this: it's a condition from which it's certainly not possible to escape by getting a good night's sleep and can make it difficult to face the day.

The most common and widespread symptom is difficulty concentrating. This can have a negative impact on studying or working, but also on many other daily activities. Among the other cognitive activities that may be affected, we must mention the inability to accurately process even the simplest sentences. There's a feeling of not being able to find the words and not being able to express oneself adequately. Obviously, this condition, besides being detrimental to work and study, can cause problems in interpersonal relationships. Communication becomes difficult, and misunderstandings become a daily issue. Mental fatigue can also lead to memory problems and a real mental fog, making it difficult to think and make decisions, even the simplest ones.

Among the typical symptoms of mental fatigue, let’s also mention mood swings and irritability, other elements that can lead to interpersonal problems. It's also worth mentioning anxiety disorders, drowsiness, poor appetite and or nervous eating.

Physical or Mental Fatigue, Two Sides of the Same Coin

When we talk about physical fatigue, we refer to the lack of energy and exhaustion that usually result from inadequate nighttime rest. Sleeping a few hours every night, then facing fast-paced rhythms and countless commitments, leads to this type of fatigue. As intense as it may be, it's easy to eliminate. It's enough to rest adequately and continuously. As we have already seen, mental fatigue is different and entails a whole series of problems that can make normal daily activities difficult. Despite the differences, mental and physical fatigue are closely related to each other.

When our mind is tired, it's normal to experience intense drowsiness. There's a feeling that our energies are completely depleted, and it's also easy to experience physical fatigue and muscle weakness. It can also be difficult to get up from the couch, walk, and tackle all the day's commitments. Another physical symptom of mental fatigue that can be really annoying is frequent and rather intense headaches.

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Remedies for Mental Fatigue, What to do to solve the problem

Stand in front of the mirror, breathe, and try to understand what could be the causes of the fatigue you're feeling. Knowing the cause, it's easier to understand what small changes to make to your lifestyle and habits in order to solve the problem.

If there are no real sleep disturbances but you still can't sleep well, the advice is to create a tailored evening routine. Turning off electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime is a must, but to improve sleep, you can also take a relaxing hot bath, drink herbal tea, meditate or do yoga, or read a good book. It's important to follow a healthy and balanced diet, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat foods that are easy to digest. It's best to limit the consumption of tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, and quit smoking. Big yes to physical activity, of course, it can be light but must be consistent. 

But what if stress is the cause? It's necessary to act at the root of the problem, getting help in daily tasks, and not take on responsibilities that one person alone cannot manage. It's also good to try to carve out time for ourselves. But what to do during this free time? You can engage in any activity that makes you happy and allows you to clear your mind, and, as we've already said, yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises can also help. In addition to having a relaxing effect, they allow us to reconnect with our emotions and with the most genuine part of ourselves.

Natural remedies to consider for mental fatigue

Fortunately, there are some natural remedies that can come to our aid, first and foremost dietary supplements. They should not be considered a substitute for a healthy, balanced, and varied diet, but they offer us the opportunity to supplement substances useful against fatigue and exhaustion. Among these, all minerals and some vitamins, such as those of the B group, are certainly worth mentioning.

Not everyone knows that it's also possible to choose supplements based on adaptogenic remedies. What are they? They are plants known for millennia for their healing abilities. Their action supports our body in relation to fatigue and stress. Whether it's physical or emotional stress doesn't matter; the body learns to resist its weight, not to succumb, and to find balance and stability. As it's easy to understand, these are remedies that offer us the opportunity to always have, in every possible occasion, the energies needed to face each day.

If it's just this type of supplement that you're looking for, take a look at our Mood. In its vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free formula, there are two highly effective adaptogenic plants, Ashwagandha and Rhodiola. Both are known for their ability to increase our body's resistance to stressful situations, both physical and psychological. They also promote a state of calm and relaxation and help counteract anxiety and fatigue. We would also like to remind you that this formula is also enriched with vitamin B6, also very useful against fatigue.




However, it is important to underline that natural supplements, including Adaptogens, should not replace a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, and the advice of your health advisor. Natural supplements are not medical  products and are not intended to treat diseases or aid in weight loss. They serve to promote the body's well-being. Self-treatment without supervision can pose risks, so it is always advisable to consult a healthcare professional before starting any supplementation regimen. In particular conditions such as young age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or certain disorders or pathologies, it is recommended to consult a competent specialist doctor to best establish one's dietary needs and use of supplements.


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