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Everything you need to know about free radicals.

Everything you need to know about free radicals.

Who hasn't heard of free radicals? Impossible not to have come across this term at least once in life; the harmful action of free radicals is on everyone's lips. The close connection with antioxidants, substances considered a protective shield for our body, is now well known. However, not everyone is clear about what free radicals are and what their primary function is: they are extremely important for our body, much more than one might think! They are harmful only because, unfortunately, we are subjected to their action excessively.

What free Radicals do, their action

Free radicals are unstable atoms that, figuratively speaking, steal electrons from other atoms they encounter along their path. Thus, they do nothing different than create other unstable molecules: a real chain reaction, entirely natural, which should not be seen as something negative.

When free radicals are too many, this process, better known as oxidation, becomes excessive, and consequently, our body may age faster than it should and earlier than expected. Yes, we are talking about that premature aging that is increasingly talked about and feared!

What free radicals are in the human Body, their importance

The oxidation process is useful for producing energy so that the metabolic functions of our body can proceed without obstacles or hindrances. Free radicals also promote communication between cells, are important for combating bacteria and viruses, and stimulating the immune system. Their action is extremely beneficial, but as we have just seen, if free radicals are too many, we can incur what is called oxidative stress: the oxidation process becomes excessive, exaggerated.

What causes an excessive production of free radicals? The causes are numerous. The body produces them in excess when the diet is not healthy and balanced or in case of excessive physical activity. Moreover, free radicals can also form due to the action of external agents that unfortunately we cannot control. Think, for example, of the UV rays of the sun and air pollutants. Excessive exposure can damage cellular structures and result in real oxidative stress, which directly leads to premature aging of our body. This prevents us from keeping our body in perfect health, increasing the risk of contracting some diseases.

Free Radicals on the skin, not just UV rays

Exposure to sunlight can have many beneficial effects, such as good mood, as well as the production of vitamin D, which is useful for the health of teeth and bones. However, there are also many negative effects. Not only sunburns but also the production of free radicals. These can also be produced by the action of pollution particles, a risk that, due to the climate emergency, has exponentially increased over the years. As we have observed, too many free radicals become toxic to our body and cause premature aging, if not even in some cases the death of cells, with negative consequences for our skin.

If the cells of the epidermis age, the skin is no longer able to perform its function as a protective barrier. Its natural radiance fades, and with it, its elasticity. Consequently, the complexion appears dull and gray, and lines of expression, signs of time, spots, and discolorations form on the skin. As we will see shortly, diet and supplements can help provide our body with the right dose of antioxidants. There are also numerous skincare products to try if you want targeted action that gives renewed radiance to the skin, not just the face, but also the rest of the body.

How to fight Free Radicals, the best strategies

How to combat oxidation caused by excessive free radicals? Antioxidant substances come to our aid, capable of effectively counteracting their action. These substances can be taken through diet. Some of the powerful antioxidants include vitamin C and carotenoids, particularly lycopene. They are mainly present in fresh fruits and vegetables. It is preferable to consume these foods raw or lightly cooked to avoid heat dispersion of these important substances. Let's also remember vitamin E, which is mainly present in vegetable oils; this is why extra virgin olive oil should always be on our tables. Coenzyme Q10 and quercetin should also be mentioned. When diet is not enough, supplements can be taken.

If you're reading this, perhaps you need a supplement. Try Inneryouth, our natural anti-aging supplement formulated with a rich antioxidant complex of polyphenols. In its vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free formula, we find green tea, astaxanthin, resveratrol, and extract of maritime pine bark, as well as niacin. It is a product that can be used alone or in combination with other AVÀSH supplements for greater effectiveness and intense psychophysical well-being.

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